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 Dear DSM Committee,

I am writing to express my serious concern that the Committee is still considering inclusion of "Parental Alienation 
Disorder" or "Parental Alienation Syndrome" or any variant thereof for inclusion in the DSM-5. I know that 
many other experts have submitted critiques of the science (or lack thereof) concerning PAS, the circularity and 
incoherence of the theory, and its intrinsic gender bias. I am writing to support these critiques with three documents 
compiling research by myself and my colleagues:
  1. An overview of case studies of the common and disastrous misuses of PAS in custody litigation where abuse is alleged, resulting in repeated and court-furthered child abuse (click here)
  2.  An overview of legal decisions discussing PAS (click here)
  3.  My published article discussing PAS, PA, and the clinical research (click here).
I would greatly appreciate your contacting me if these links do not work, as I can easily send you the documents, but 
could not find a way to attach them on this system.
Thank you for the opportunity to comment on this proposal.
Joan S. Meier
Professor of Clinical Law
George Washington University Law School