About Us

Domestic Violence Legal Empowerment and Appeals Project

Our Mission

DV LEAP provides a stronger voice for justice by fighting to overturn unjust trial court outcomes, advancing legal protections for victims of domestic violence and their children through expert appellate advocacy, training lawyers, psychologists and judges on best practices, and spearheading domestic violence litigation in the Supreme Court.

The Need for DV LEAP

Despite numerous legislative and policy reforms designed to protect victims of domestic violence, many courts fail women and children who seek protection in court. Appellate review has been remarkably successful in correcting trial court errors.

However, victims of domestic violence are rarely able to access the appellate courts - appeals are very expensive and few lawyers possess both an understanding of domestic violence and the necessary appellate expertise. Systematic and sophisticated appellate litigation is critically needed to protect the legal rights of victims of domestic violence and to provide safety and justice.

DV LEAP was founded in 2003 to respond to fill this vacuum in advocacy for victims of abuse. DV LEAP also provides pro bono appeals, training, and strategic assistance to lawyers and courts.