Human Capital Campaign

Domestic Violence Legal Empowerment and Appeals Project

 Human Capital Campaign

DV LEAP is dedicated to putting in place a comprehensive and systemic cure for the injustices faced by survivors of domestic violence and their children.  After 10 years of ground breaking appellate advocacy, we now seek to bolster our organizational capacity so that we can devote the time and expertise necessary to creating the overdue change in the family courts. 


We launched our Human Capital Campaign to support the following: 

      ·         Increase DV LEAP’s capacity for:

Ø  appellate litigation in partnership with pro bono counsel;

Ø  trainings for judges, lawyers, evaluators, guardians ad litem, and other professionals involved in family court matters;

Ø  providing recommendations and education on public policy  ;

Ø  litigating critical issues before the US Supreme Court

      ·         Expansion of DV LEAP’s legal team in order to assist more child and adult victims of domestic violence.

      ·         Broaden DV LEAP’s capacity by investing in staff to focus on ongoing donor and grant support, outreach, communications and a public relations program.


With the first funds raised by the lead donors to the Human Capital Campaign, DV LEAP hired Dawn Dalton, a veteran of the domestic violence movement with extensive management experience, as the Executive Director to guide the organization into expansion during its second decade.  With Ms. Dalton at the helm, the founder, Joan Meier, serves as the Legal Director, now focusing on her unique expertise in appellate advocacy on behalf of survivors and their children.


What's Next? 

DV LEAP now seeks through the campaign to increase legal capacity by bring on more legal staff to expand our writing and mentoring of briefs, trainings and written materials.   

Our final campaign goal is to hire staff to strengthen infrastructure and broaden our support base so that DV LEAP can bring greater public attention to the injustices in the family courts and provide a long-term solution to the victims who seek justice.  The brighter the light shown on DV LEAP's work and issues, the more pressure there will be for courts—and all of those involved in working with survivors of domestic violence--to do justice.  


How To Help

Please contact our Executive Director, Dawn Dalton, if you are interested in learning more or discussing   your participation in meeting our campaign goal.   We can be reached at or 202-994-7586.