All States Litigation Project

Domestic Violence Legal Empowerment and Appeals Project

All States Litigation Project

DV LEAP also litigates appellate cases, provides trainings and consultations, annd engages in law reform work on domestic violence issues across the country.


DV LEAP litigates important domestic violence-related appeals from various states. Issues have included penalizing a victim for seeking protection by reducing her distribution of marital property; criminal sentencing of abusers; exclusion of domestic violence experts from trial; and misuse of the tort of malicious prosecution against protective mothers.  Click here to learn about specific cases.


DV LEAP provides consultations, resources and referrals for litigants and lawyers across the country on a wide variety of issues relating to domestic violence and litigation.


DV LEAP provides national and local trainings for attorneys on domestic violence litigation, custody and abuse, expert witnesses, parental alienation, vicarious traumatization, appellate litigation and other issues related to effective litigation and adjudication of domestic violence.

Selected recent trainings include:

  • 2006, ABA Commission on Domestic Violence Continuing Legal Education Teleconference Series, Co-Trainer, “Evidence in Domestic Violence Litigation”
  • 2005, American Bar Association Commission on Domestic Violence, National Civil Law Institute, Chicago, Illinois, “Post-Trial Remedies and Appeal”
  • 2003-2007, D.C. Bar Public Service Activities Corporation, Domestic Violence Training for Pro Bono Attorneys, “Thinking Appeal” 
  • 2004, American Bar Association Commission on Domestic Violence: Teleconference on “Litigation Tips in Domestic Violence Cases”
  • 2004, New Jersey Judicial Training Conference on Domestic Violence, “Vicarious Traumatization: What it is and What can be Done About it”  

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